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The Sullivan's Process - What You Can Expect

Whether you’re remodeling or building a brand new home, your cabinetry is a huge part of the process. The design of your cabinetry is crucial to where your walls, plumbing, and even electrical outlets and fixtures should go. We suggest that you allow us to be a part of the design process as early as possible.  In fact, the sooner the better! 

Here’s what you can expect when you get your cabinetry at Sullivan’s:


During your initial appointment, you’ll meet with one of our designers/project managers who will be involved and in contact with you throughout the entire process. Here you will discuss design, construction method, door styles, finishes, etc. It helps if you know what styles you like. If you’re not sure, we recommend you look through our galleries on our website, our Instagram and our Facebook page.

We’ve found that some people already have a layout/design while others need a little more guidance. If you don’t have a design, we can help with that – and it’s all included. We do not charge a design fee.

Here are some helpful tips for your appointment:

  • For new construction or remodels, architectural plans are preferred

  • Bring pictures of your ideas

  • Any notes you might have about what you want in your space or how you want it to function. What are things about your current kitchen / bathroom that you love? What are things that don’t work so well? Download & print graph paper here.


After your appointment, we’ll draw your project in our software program and develop a proposal. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your builder and other tradesmen to help ensure everything is laid out correctly upfront so the finished product is not only beautiful, but functional as well.


Next, we’ll have a second meeting to review your design and proposal. Feel free to make any changes you desire at this point - we want you to be satisfied! This process can be repeated until we get the design exactly the way you want that fits your budget.

Once the design is approved, you’ll sign the proposal and provide a 50% deposit. Any changes made to the approved design may incur additional charges.


This is the exciting part! All the hard decisions are over and it’s time to sit back and relax while your cabinetry is built. It’s important to note that timelines vary on the size and scope of your project. Average lead times vary from 3 – 4 weeks for unfinished cabinets and 6 – 8 weeks for prefinished cabinets. Please know that these are estimated times and are subject to change depending on our workload. Again, your project manager will be in touch with you every step of the way and can provide more details as you move through the process.


Once your job is built, our production manager will call to schedule delivery. After your job has been installed, either by your own installer or one we coordinate for you, we will come out to do an “adjust and pad.” At this time, we’ll install all of your shelves, adjust the doors and drawers to ensure proper fit and function, and install any accessories that you may have ordered like trash cans or various inserts.

If we pre-finished your cabinets, we will also send someone out to do an onsite touch-up to fill in any nicks or scratches that may have occurred during the installation process. Please note that since we don’t know when you’re ready for this, we wait for you to contact us for these services.

That’s it! At Sullivan’s, we try to make the process as seamless as possible. With any construction job, there are bound to be hiccups from time to time, but we promise to always make it right. We’ve been designing and building cabinetry for over 40 years, and we want every client to be satisfied with their investment.


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