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Unfinished Cabinetry

Although many of our clients choose to have us pre-finish their cabinets, we also give clients the flexibility to let someone else do the work. 


Because we're taking out the pre-finishing step, we can build unfinished cabinetry in a shorter time frame. Our normal production time for a standard unfinished job is typically 3-5 weeks from sale to delivery, but production times vary based on the size and complexity of the job. We recommend you check with your designer or sales person for a more precise time frame for your specific job.

Properly preparing cabinetry for the final finish is crucial to insuring beautiful results. 


Please note that since we don’t know how long it will be before someone finishes their cabinets onsite, our unfinished cabinetry is not delivered “finish ready”.


All cabinets should be prep-sanded right before they are finished.  Prep-sanding knocks down the grain and primes wood to be finished. Otherwise, when the wood is exposed to moisture, the grain will lift up. Have you ever seen wood that appears fuzzy? This is the reason.  We recommend that you not use anything finer than 150-grit sandpaper. Anything finer than 150-grit sandpaper may cause the wood to seal and not accept stain.


You may need to fill any imperfections in the wood, nail holes, or damages from installation.   Lastly, be sure to remove any dust from the cabinets prior to applying your paint or stain.


Sullivan’s Custom Cabinetry, Inc. is not liable for damage to your cabinetry due to improper finishing procedures.

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