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A mudroom is both a practical and functional area in a home. It doesn't have to be a room, per se, but just a space most commonly at the entrance of a home. Those that utilize this space know there are a ton of benefits that help keep your house a little more on the clean and orderly side! A few of the benefits include:

  • Isolates the clutter to a designated area - no more tossing backpacks across the kitchen counter or finding shoes all over the house!

  • A designated spot for those easy to lose items - Speaking of shoes, no more searching before school and keys have their proper place, too.

  • Catches the dirt (and everything else!) before it enters your house - Hence the name mudroom!

  • Extra storage - Because can you ever have too much?

No matter if you have a complete room to designate as your mudroom or just a wall at the entrance of your home, you have options! Below are some of our favorite features of a well-designed mudroom area.


A place to sit while putting on your shoes gearing up for the day or a place to rest at the end of the day.


Convenient and easy! Cubbies provide a place for everything! Pro tip: Wanting to hide the clutter that sometimes happens with cubbies? Use baskets!


Divide and conquer by making your mudroom area also a laundry area, office space or just be creative!

This mudroom area doubles as a laundry room.

Every inch of this mudroom is utilized - a perfect space to add a desk!


A definite must-have in any mudroom space! Hooks for bags, coats, hoodies, and more! Don't forget about the little things like headphones, leashes, collars and especially those keys!


Sometimes it's nice to just tuck away the clutter!


Of course, we can't forget about our pets! They are probably the sweetest members of our family, but let's face it, they're kind of messy, too. They also need a place for all their things and a place to get clean before running through the house! For more about custom cabinetry for your pets, check out Our Favorite Accessories for Your Pet blog.

A built-in kennel in our mudroom showroom display.


Your mudroom area doesn't have to be a drab little corner of your home. Blend it in with your design and don't forget those decorative touches like lighting, hardware, tile, rugs and even paint colors that pop!


Make this space work for YOUR family! Charging stations, a chalkboard for messages and a mirror for one last glance in the morning are all very practical and should not be overlooked.

Left: Charging Station

Right: A chalkboard for messages, a mirror & remote control cabinets up top!

Take a look at a video of our showroom display!


As the entry point in your house, your mudroom area should be helpful and inviting, but not stressful! Add the functional features that are useful for your family and the decorative ones that make you smile. Interested in seeing our mudroom display in our showroom? We're open weekdays from 8am-5pm. Come see us!


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