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Feng Shui: Simple Tips for Your Home

Who couldn’t use a little more harmony & balance in our lives especially these days? Perhaps you have heard of Feng Shui and thought of it more of an Eastern practice. However, more and more people in the West are realizing its benefits and are incorporating it into their every day lives.


The traditional Chinese art of Feng Shui, which has been practiced for over three thousand years, is a design technique that ensures chi will flow in a harmonious, balanced, and nourishing manner throughout a home or space. In Chinese culture, “chi” is the vital life force or energy that expresses itself in countless ways through everything that surrounds us. Chi consists of two opposite energies: yin and yang.

The full concepts of Feng Shui involve the Bugua Energy Map incorporating the five elements of earth, metal, water, wood and fire into your space in addition to balancing yin and yang energies.

Practitioners of Feng Shui use their highly tuned senses, intuition and guiding principles passed down from generations to choose the right geographical location and orientation as the foundation for their designs. Every element of the design - from the location to building materials, furniture and even textures - are selected to balance the chi in the space.

Today’s modern buildings and structures don’t always align with eastern Feng Shui principles. However, Western Feng Shui practitioners are able to bring elements to heal or balance spaces that are in conflict.


Feng Shui can seem overwhelming to a beginner. However, here are a few simple tips to easily bring elements of Feng Shui into your space:

Clear Pathways

Make sure doorways and walkways are not blocked. Doors represent your voice and communication. They also represent portals in which opportunities can easily flow into your life.

This Mudroom has a clear, unobstructed path. Photo courtesy of Mel Bean Interiors/Laurey Glenn


Declutter your space. Clutter creates negative energy, so keep your drawers, closets and cabinets organized. Need some tips? Check out our blog post on 20 Organizing Solutions for Your Spring Cleaning.


Add plants to your space. Green plants are part of the wood element, which represents growth and healing.

Both examples above contain greenery as well as natural light to create beautiful and balanced spaces. Left: Mel Bean Interiors/photo by Laurey Glenn; Right: Brian D. Wiggs Homes


Create good energy with lighting. A bright, airy space invites energy to flow. If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your space, add additional lighting to brighten it.

Large windows let in natural light as well as the greenery outside. Builder: Jordan & Sons


When we focus on establishing balance and harmony in our environment, a certain human-friendly beauty is born. Ultimately, when your goal is to live a life that speaks to you, it doesn’t matter what the design is labeled. What matters is that your space is a joyful reflection of you.

If you would like to incorporate Feng Shui in your next project, our Designer, Linda, is certified in both American Feng Shui and Western School of Feng Shui. Give us a call at 918-445-9191 to get started!


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