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Master Bath Trends for 2021

With families spending more and more time at home, the master bath has become a much needed oasis retreat in our own homes. It is a place for wellness and rejuvenation to start the day and to end the day. Here are a few trends we’re seeing in master bath design:


When we think of going to a spa, certain luxurious aspects come to mind. Think large chandeliers, free-standing soaking tubs and comfortable seating that create a serene atmosphere.

Left - A chandelier and comfortable seating make this a spa-like paradise. Right - This Jordan & Sons contemporary home is simple and elegant.


Natural elements have also been trending with blends of wood, concrete and stone. These textures combined with greenery or plants and natural light create a zen-like retreat. In addition, waterfall countertops add an intriguing must-have feature.

A project with Mel Bean Interiors - a free-standing tub, wood flooring/wall & tons of natural light. Photography: Laurey W. Glenn

Waterfall Countertops - Left: Sullivan's showroom; Right: Mel Bean Interiors & Bailey Austin Design


Floating or wall mounted vanities can make a bathroom appear to be more spacious than it actually is and tends to be a more contemporary look with sleek, clean lines. Added bonus - they provide foot room and they're easy to clean under!

Right: This floating vanity project with Home Innovations has an extra lighting feature underneath.


We all know that ample storage space is a necessity in any bathroom, but designers are starting to get creative with it. Got a hidden corner? Make it more functional with a hidden corner pull-out cabinet. Various pull-outs are also all the rage with just about every storage option you can imagine - makeup pull-outs, hot tool pull-outs, hamper pull-outs and more!

Hidden Corner Cabinets - Mel Bean Interiors; Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Linen Storage - Amian Homes

Left: Makeup pull-out storage; Right: Miscellaneous pull-out storage


Regarding colors, we're seeing many designers leaning toward mono-chromatic color schemes. These pallets tend to be calm and soothing adding to the spa-like feel.

Left: Builder - Goodwin Company / Designer - Jill Croka; Right: Builder - Jordan & Sons / Designer - Duvall Atelier


And finally, as if we didn't see this coming, even our bathrooms are becoming a place for technology! From bidets in the toilet area to TVs, charging drawers and coffee stations, designers are starting to think outside the box on the possibilities for this space. In addition, integrated lighting goes hand in hand with creating a functional and modern space.

Hidden TV cabinet & Coffee Bar in Master Closet/Bath; Architecture & Design: Jack Arnold Companies / Interior Designer: Susan Arnold & Company

Charging Station & Coffee Bar with Kcup storage - Sullivan's Showroom


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