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We've discussed kitchen layouts, kitchen cabinetry types, but what about kitchen pantries? These small and sometimes larger spaces are traditionally used to store nonperishable food items, but today's modern kitchen pantries see so many more uses and activities. From housing small appliances to food prep, pantries, no matter their size, shape or features, are an essential part of any home.

There are many types of pantries and added features that can be incorporated into your design to maximize both space and functionality.


As we are all aware, kitchens come in so many shapes and sizes. Some layouts easily allow for a designated pantry area, while others require a bit more creativity. Regardless, there are tons of ways to make a pantry space work for you.

Built-In Pantries

Whether your kitchen doesn’t have the space to allow for a walk-in pantry or you’re just not a fan, pantry cabinets built into the kitchen make accessing everything you need convenient while keeping things stylish.

Top Left: A wall of full height cabinetry for pantry storage. Top Right: Pull out drawers are great for canned and other dry goods, while vertical cookie sheet/pan storage maximizes space. Bottom: A pull out door next to the refrigerator makes dry goods available next to the refrigerated goods.


The walk-in pantry ideally has plenty of shelving and cubbies for all the things. The floor is also useful storage for items such as trash bins, step stools and other storage containers.

Left: Brian D. Wiggs Homes Parade Home 2021; Right: Amian Homes Parade Home

Combo: Built-In & Walk-In

Now you see it, now you don't! Your whole pantry can be tucked away as a part of your design.

Concealed pantries in a wall of cabinetry.

Free Standing

Sometimes space limitations or budgets won't allow for an extra closet area or cabinetry for a traditional pantry. In this case, consider a free standing piece of furniture adapted for your needs. If this is you, don't despair - these pieces can be stylish and functional!

Mel Bean Interiors, Photography by: Laurey Glenn


Depending on the type of pantry you have, the features you choose to implement can make all the difference.

Organizing Shelves & Cubbies

Implementing thoughtful design elements like shallow depth shelving for spices as well as tiered shelving for better visibility are small ways to make a big impact. In addition to shelving, cubbies with extra storage options such as glass containers, baskets and bins help organize the clutter.

Left: Shallow depth shelving for spices; Right: Tiered shelving for visibility, cubbies wtih extra storage options

Trash Can Pull Out

Keeping your trash bin tucked out of the way is common in a pantry, but pull out drawers help conceal it even further.

The trash bin easily fits in this pull out drawer and is tucked away out of sight.

Pet Food Pull Out

The same applies for pet food. No more unsightly bags of food that Fido can tear into, use a pull out with special containers to keep everything nice and tidy.


Free up counter space in your kitchen and hide away those small appliances in the pantry. You may just find it saves you a few steps!


If you can't have a back kitchen or scullery, a food prep area in your pantry is the next best thing. Easy access to what you're needing and out of the way, too.

Concealed Storage

Little places to tuck items away are super handy! Appliance garages are great anywhere in your kitchen, but especially in your pantry when you might get overwhelmed by all the things!

Creative Solutions

Sometimes our spaces call for a little bit of creativity. There are a ton of great gadgets and solutions to accommodate just about any space.

Left: Lazy Susan; Right: Rev-A-Shelf Blind Corner Optimizer

Finishing Touches

Yes, pantries are a functional part of your home, but no one said they needed to be boring! Add the light fixture, the cute containers, the rug or extra piece to make it a continued beloved space of your home.


Simply put, there's no way around it - we have to have places for all our kitchen gadgets, food and more! Whether your space is big, small or in between, there's always elements you can add to make it more functional, more stylish and make it work best for you!


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