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Cabinetry Trends for 2022

Without a doubt, one of our most common questions we get from homeowners is this: What do you see trending? As with any trend, this is always a moving target. But we get it! Cabinetry is a big investment in your home. It's important to consider not only how durable and long lasting the quality of your cabinets will be, but also how well the design will stand up against time.

Below are the top trends we are seeing in cabinetry for 2022.


Over the past few years, bold paint colors were big, but we’re seeing a return to wood tones in both natural finish or stain. Don’t worry though, white painted cabinets are always in style. Or you can always go bold with black cabinets!

We're seeing a trend toward earth tones and stain.

Left: White is a classic choice; Right: Go bold with black.

Earth Tones Are Back!

Cool, gray tones were popular in recent years, but we’re seeing a shift back to warmer hues. Worried about picking one over the other? Bringing elements of both shades into your countertops and flooring makes a winning combination.

Natural brown-tone finish, gray countertops & floors.

Projects currently in our shop - overwhelmingly most are stained wood.


This technique really pulls out the texture in the wood. Sandblasting with a stain can keep the look more traditional, or go bold by sandblasting black painted cabinets for a more contemporary look.

Left: Before sandblasting; Right: After sandblasting

Sandblasted Vanity


Still the most common request we get is for white oak. To learn more about the different types of oak for your cabinetry, visit our Cabinetry 101: Oak post. However, lately we are also seeing a trend towards walnut. Both are timeless selections.

Left & Center: This island is rift cut white oak with a brown stain. Right: This mudroom is rift cut white oak with a natural-looking stain.

Left: Wine room in walnut; Right: Dry bar in walnut


Shaker doors are still our most popular door style. Opt for a more contemporary version of this popular door by going with what we call our “skinny shaker” or a bead mold trim. This look involves lean lines, mitre construction, and a modern look with just a bit of detail.

"Skinny Shaker"

Slab doors are also very popular with our frameless cabinets. You can dress them up by grain-matching the wood, or adding a bead mold to the frame of the cabinet.

Trending trifecta - frameless, grain-matched walnut with a skinny shaker door


The bottom line is that trends come and go. At the end of each day, the cabinetry in your house is what you have to live with (literally!). Our advice is to understand both classic design and trends, but ultimately choose cabinetry you love and that fits your home.


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