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Hinges & Drawer Guides - Why Are They SO Important?

Over the past few decades, kitchens and bathrooms have become centerpieces of design. While many people focus on the aesthetics of their cabinetry, functionality and durability should be equally important. One of the biggest factors that affects this is high quality mechanics, specifically hinges and drawer guides.

Why Are These Parts So Important?

We all know we get what we pay for. The sweater at the big box store vs. the higher quality cashmere we purchase at the boutique. Or the cheaper mass produced TV vs. the higher quality trusted brand. Quality cabinetry is a very similar investment in your home.

Think about it - how many times a day do you open the silverware drawer or the pantry door? Sometimes gently, but often not. Regardless, the motion of opening and closing over time can wear down cabinetry without high quality mechanical parts. Doors and drawers can become misaligned, screws can strip and in just a few years a huge investment has become a headache.

The Sullivan’s Standard

At Sullivan’s, we don’t compromise on the materials we use for your cabinetry nor the mechanical parts. We exclusively use Blum hinges and drawer guides on all our cabinetry. Blum sets the industry standard for hinges and drawer guides and while Blum is an Austrian company, they assemble all of their hinges and make all of their drawer guides in their facility in Stanley, North Carolina. They are truly “made in the USA.” Many companies will offer a lifetime warranty, even if they know the hardware will fail by offering a free replacement. However, Blum puts out a quality product that has been tested to last a lifetime.


Our standard is a Blum soft close, concealed hinge with guaranteed function and attractive design.

  • Soft-close hinges are the smoothest of any hinge on the market, no bouncing as the door closes.

  • Doors are easily adjusted in EVERY direction - left/right, up/down and front/back.

  • 200,000 cycle test vs. industry standard of 50,000.

  • Doors can be attached and removed quickly without tools - they snap on and off.

  • A true lifetime warranty.

  • They work in almost any hinge application because of the wide variety of mounting plates available, meaning these hinges can be used in frameless and face frame cabinets.


Our standard is a Blum tandem runner drawer guide for soft close, full extension drawers.

  • Completely concealed underneath the drawer (not on the side).

  • Soft close “Blumotion” is calibrated to every length of runner for both standard and heavy duty.

  • Fully adjustable.

  • Full extension drawer - get complete access to your drawer and its storage.

  • A true lifetime warranty.

To see these parts in action, check out the video below of our newest showroom display using Blum hinges and drawer guides.

Frameless Cabinetry

In addition to high quality mechanics, hinges and drawer guides can be extremely important when you have flush inset or frameless cabinetry where gaps are tight and misalignments are very noticeable. It’s important to have well-built, strong and easily adjustable parts to keep your cabinetry looking it’s best for years to come.

To see the the mechanics of our cabinetry in action, we invite you to visit our showroom: M-F 8am-5pm.


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