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Built-In Cabinetry

Whether you need bookcases adjacent to the fireplace, a built-in desk for your home office or study, extra storage to keep your household organized, or an entertainment center for the busiest room in the house, custom built-ins are one of our specialties! 

Some benefits of built-in cabinetry:

  • Concealed storage

  • Added functionality that looks like its original to the home

  • Can improve the overall aesthetic and increase the value of your home

  • Built-ins maximize storage without intruding on valuable floor space

  • Great solution for an odd shaped alcove or blank space


When it comes to built-in cabinetry, there really are no limitations! Here are some of our favorite uses:


Left: A built-in desk in a designated office space; Center: A desk built into a laundry room; Right: A desk and cabinetry built into a nook

Office Storage

Left: Filing cabinets built into an office; Center: Decorative and functional shelving (photo credit: Mel Bean Interiors); Right: Desk, filing cabinets and tons of storage


Organized storage for ALL your books and knick-knacks (top left: photo credit - Duvall Atelier)

Bench Seating

Left: Bench seating in a closet; Right: bench seating next to a coffee area in the kitchen

Left: a built-in bench similar to a pew; Right: A built-in bench and shelving

Booth Seating

Left: A booth off the island in the center of the room (photo credit: Kirkendall Design); Right: A booth that makes a statement

Left: A booth with beautiful wood detail and comfy seating, too (photo credit: Duvall Atelier; Right: Booth seating with a gorgeous table

Day Beds

Built-in day bed at a client's lake house

Custom Display Cabinets

Cabinetry with glass doors and lighting for displaying china, art, and more

Cabinetry Flanking the Fireplace

Cabinetry in the living room adds balance to the fireplace and gives extra functionality to your space.

Entertainment Centers

Disappearing act! Cabinetry can be a great way to tuck things away that you don't always want out in the open.

Right: An entertainment center with sliding doors; Left: A movie collectors lovers dream - a place to store and see all the things!

Dry Bars

Have a nook you're not sure what to do with? Add cabinetry, a countertop and make it a functional dry bar.

Coffee Bars

Right: A hidden coffee bar with a k-cup drawer; Left: This coffee bar is just off the closet in the master suite.

Final Thoughts

Built-ins are all about making your home more functional for you! We encourage you to get creative and make your space work better for YOU. We've got experienced designers that can help you make your ideas become reality. At Sullivan’s, we work with our clients to handcraft custom built-ins tailored for just about any room designed specifically for your space and budget.


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